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********Exciting News********
2006 Litter Pedigree
About us...
Caithness Kennels was originally established in 1973, located in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  Our kennel name is the maiden name of my Great-Grandmother Martha Grace Watson.
She was born and raised in Edinburgh, Scotland.  She immigrated to the USA in early 1900 as an adult with her small family.
  Although Scottish by descent, we do love our Irish hounds!
   We hope you'll come back and visit us often as we'll be updating the site with litter information and photos.
Our goals...

  Producing  Irish Wolfhounds with the gentle and loving temperment that Irish Wolfhounds are famous for in history, also conforming to the breed standard. 

  Irish Wolfhounds with the ability to perform the tasks they were bred for, their speed, and their ability to track and to bring down their prey. Originally in Ireland they were used to hunt the stag and the wolf. Both of these animals are extinct in Ireland and have been for a hundred years, or longer.  Irish Wolfhounds should not only look the standard they must be functional as well.